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What? 🔥

Competition time! Do you have a business or a business idea that is going to be huge one day? There is your first win! Step 2: come and pitch it! We offer you a chance to win a cash prize of up to £1,400, network with amazing students and judges and put your business or business idea in front of a bigger audience.

Why? 🦄

Startup Games is the only competition at the University of Birmingham that gives students a possibility to win a cash prize to further grow their businesses or make their business idea a reality. This is going to be the 2nd edition of our pitching contest and this year we are back with a more advanced format, high-level judging panel, free pizza and more significant cash prize!

How does it work? 🔭

There are 2 categories available - a registered business (including sole traders) and a business idea. Register here for the Games by filling out the application form. This is the Round 1 of the games. Your application form will be judged by the Startup Society committee and the B-Enterprising team. We will be selecting 6 finalists per category. If you are successful, you will be invited to the pitching contest - WELCOME TO THE GAMES!

What's in it for me? 💸

1st place in each category - £1,000 + Golden Minute during the Birmingham Connections event; 2nd place in each category - £500; 3rd place in each category - £300; Innovation prize (for one out of all 12 finalists) for the most innovative business or business idea - £400

Who? 🦈

Everybody who is a student of the University of Birmingham is welcome to participate! No other requirements.

When? ⏳

The deadline to submit your applications is the 20th of February 2019. We will let you know if you have made it to the Games by the 1st of March 2019. The final will take place on the 20th of March.

So… what do I do?

All you need to do is share your awesome business/idea with us by filling out the application form and wait - the rest is on us!
If you're an entrepreneur, you've probably already clicked the button above and filled out the application form. If you're still hesitating, let us give you a couple of good reasons why you should apply (the list is actually endless):
  • You will practice pitching and communicating your ideas in a concise and professional manner.
  • You will get to compete and network with the brightest entrepreneurial minds at UoB.
  • You will have a chance to win up to £1,400.
  • You will meet judges from all around the UK with expertise in a whole variety of industries and areas related to startups and entrepreneurship.
You see where we're going with this? We can go on forever but instead you could just apply and see for yourself!
If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to talk with you at one of our events, over email (startup@guild.bham.ac.uk) or Facebook Messenger.

The Judges

Coming soon. We will announce each judge weeekly.

Dominic Jackson

Co-founder & COO of Block Aero Technologies

Dominic Jackson is a chemical engineer turned aviation entrepreneur. During his time at university he was awarded a scholarship from the Chinese government and spent two years in Shanghai pursuing his degree in Mandarin. His interest in aviation led him to join a boutique consulting firm that specialised in advising buyers and sellers of airport and aerospace assets. He would later go on to become co-founder of Block Aero Technologies, a technology startup accelerating the advent of a fully digitised.


Ben Reed

Investment Executive at Midven

Midven are a Midlands based equity finance provider with assets under management in excess of £110m. Ben sources investment opportunities requiring up to £2m of finance and represents Midven on the boards of a couple of companies which have received between £250k-5m of investment. Prior to Midven and whilst at the University of Nottingham, Ben founded a social enterprise which raised private capital and represented the UK at an International Social Enterprise World Cup in Toronto.


Tahlia Gray

Founder of Sheer Chemistry

Tahlia Gray is the Founder of Sheer Chemistry, an empowering hosiery brand specialising in tights for women of all shades of brown. Born in Australia of Jamaican heritage, she is passionate about challenging traditional beauty standards and helping women reach their potential. Before starting Sheer Chemistry, Tahlia graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in International Business, and began her career in New York working in HR for some of the world's largest organisations including UBS, Morgan Stanley and Linklaters.


Shahbaz Khokhar

Land Trader & Property Developer - Montague Property Group

Shahbaz has bought and sold Lamborghinis, Nintendos, cookbooks, paper shredders, mobiles, sports tickets and more things than he can remember since 16. He trained at Deloitte as a Chartered Accountant but was making more money selling online at the weekends. He also became a wedding photographer having taught himself off youtube. More recently he has built a gym with 1,000+ members and is a full-time property entrepreneur. He buys and sells land across the country with sites from 5 to 160 houses. He has just finished building a block of 18 luxury flats in Edgbaston and is buying 7 houses and 5 pieces of land this month.


Judge #5

Coming soon
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and win up to £1,400